[ff] // 2min// {eng} you make me crazy-oneshoot- NC-21

mian.. ==” ini ff prtma sya yg menggunakan bhs ingg.. jdi maaf klo bnyk kta” yg slah 😛


This is it :::: 2Min eng- You Make Me Crazy

Author: me as taemin wife .. heheh just kidding

“hy..hyung.. more… fast.. ahh..aaahhaah.. please make me come !!” Taemin shout .. pleasure beginning to spread throughout his body.. “i still want to play with ur cock chagi.. hnn” Minho insert his cock deeper and deeper and it makes taemin getting crazy ..

“hy..hyung.. i want .. to.. come.. ahh..haah..nnmm”  Minho ignore taemin .. he continued to squeeze taemin cock  .. and wiggled his hips to make his cock go deeper .. Taemin began to feel something warm inside him.. “aahh..h..hyung.. thats s…ssoo go..ood.. mor..e d..eeper..” taemin hugging minho so tight.. “do u want more chagiya?”

“Ye..yes.. more.. de..eper hy..yung.. ahhh..haahnnmm” then minho insert taemin cock into his mouth .. he sucks it hard… “hy..ung..aahh..” taemin covered his face with his both hands.. Minho lick and bite a little taemins cock.. “hyaa..!! hy…hyung.. aahh..hhahh.. tha..ts hurts.. aaahhh..” taemin tryng to pull out his cock from minho mouth … but minho didnt stay silent..he has more crazy ideas.. he took a rope and tie taemin hands on the bed pole.. “what the hell ?? hy..hyung.. let me goo.. ” taemin tried to untie it..

“calm down chagi..” minho smile and he put his cock again into taemin hole with a rough .. “aaahhkk.. hy..yung.. ahh..hhaaaahh..” taemin screaming in pain.. taemin couldnt help but whine. “Please, hyung… it aches… make it feel better…”

“as u wish” minho leaned in to kiss taemins sweet neck, and at the same time slowly began to stroke his erection.

minho wrapped his other arm around taemin body….he didn’t want taemin to climax too soon, minho was savoring the feeling of  taemin writhing in his hands, and he wanted it to last as long as possible.

taemin moaned more loudly. “Dont stop, hyung… please… feels so good…”

minho replied, “i wont stop, chagi …. i wants u to feel good. ” minho stroked a bit faster… taemin breath hitched and he said, “saranghae h..hyung”  minho said, “nado saranghae chagi..” He rocked his hips against the sweet ass. “Feel how much,chagi ” He stroked faster….

“this is soo good chagi.. inside u.. makes me melt..aahh” Minho wiggled his hips faster and faster..taemin was panting now. “hy..hyung…” He gasped helplessly. “i..i…” together they let out a squeal as creamy hot liquid rushed out of arousal. “aaah!”

after that minho untie the rope that bound taemin hands… then he covered his n taemin body and kissed taemin forehead .. “u are the best chagi..” Minho smiled sweetly .. taemin fell asleep exhausted after their action .. Minho hugging taemin and whispered “u are the only one who can make me crazy..”

maaf klo jlek T^T hiks…hiks… mohon kritiknya n srannya xD


5 responses to “[ff] // 2min// {eng} you make me crazy-oneshoot- NC-21

  1. saeng!
    Eon pasrah bot crta yg ne. .
    #maklum, englishny tdak brshbat. 🙂

    translate ke b.indo ya,
    yah yah yah, , , **puppy eyes.
    #cih! Sokimut! -.-‘

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