2min facts

“Minho hyung, please love me even more.” – Taemin
“I don’t know if Taemin knows that I care about him. Taemin, you know it, right? You only have me, right?”- Minho

“No matter what the punishment is, I’m contented to be with you.” – Minho to Taemin.

~~Minho’s UFO message to Taemin when he’s talking about being the youngest. “Taemin ah you know you only have me right?”
~~At one of the radio shows, Minho is asked what member he’s closest to and he says “Taeminnie.”

Everyone goes :: “Ohhhhhhhh!”
~~Another M!Countdown moment when Minho goes “Even if we’re in trouble I’m glad I’m with you…donsaeng-ah saranghae.”
~~2Min acting like complete dorks at MKMF and kicking balloons around after the show



10 responses to “2min facts

    • minho geer bngt eon xD msa dia blng .. ” taemin kau hanya memiliki aku kan?” padahal kan si tetem msh pnya onew, key am jonghyun trs kelrgny tetem pda kmn xD .. ckckck si menong tu ad2 aj xD kekekke ~~~

  1. Minho-ah maruk sekali dirimu, knp taemin cm punyamu, bagi dong dikit, bibirnyaaaaa aja deh xDD

    minho: Lo mau kuburan atau rumah sakit? *bawatongkatbaseball

    kabuuurrr minho murka xDD

  2. ebuju! ! !
    Berarti, eon kaka iparnya tetem downk, , , ? ! #tambahgajeneorg. .

    Menong bukan maruk lagi, tapi udah carut marut+maruk. #ganyambung ding! ! !

    Tetem masi punya saia kok, , , 😉 #dilemparkarungduit ama menongtetem. . .

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