[FF]// 2min// welcome back- nc 17 (eng)

mianhe ^^” ni ff kdua sya mnggunakan bhsa inggris jadi msh bnyk kta2 yg slh 😛


Taemin’s POV


i’m sitting by the window, now my mind is blank … i really miss someone..

“minho hyung…” i began to called his name again


~~ trrriiiiiitrrr~~


my cell phone rang.. “yeoboseo” i replied

“ne.. taemin.. how are you? ..” said someone on the other side

“hmm? who’s this?”

“its me minho..”

“hyung…!” i yelled shocked

“ne chagi.. i miss u..”

“same here.. i miss u too hyung.. when ar u coming back hyung?” i asked

“tomorrow, u will pick me up at the airpot right?”

“of course i will hyung..” i replied with a cheerful tone

“hahahahhaha.. thats my taemin..” laugh hyung..

“ne.. see you tomorrow hyung… muuuaaacchhh..”

“aigoo ~~ my taemin already started to tease me .. just watch out when we meet tomorrow…”

“n-no.. aish.. hyung..” i started to blush

“hahahahah~~ ne see ya chagi..”

“ne..” i close my phone


Taemin’s POV end




drap~~ drap ~~ drap ~~

“key hyung, onew hyung, jonghyun hyung..!!” taemin ran into the living room n shouting

“aigoo ~~ whats happened taemin..?” key shocked

“dont run like that u can fall..” Jonghyun start worrying

“yeah.. whatch ur steps taemin..” agree onew

“its ok..its ok hyung.. I have good news hyung..” Taemin talk while sitting next to key

“hmm? Whats that?” ask onew..key and jonghyun also seriously consider taemin..

“minho hyung will come back tomorrow..!!!” Taemin shouted happily …

“Really? why he didnt tell me?” Onew asked irritably…

“hahahahha.. calm down honey.. maybe he will tell us tonight..” said key

“ne .. it’s time to go to bed .. good night hyung” Taemin depart and go to his room..

“omo ~taemin its still too early for u to sleep..” said jonghyun

“hehehe.. its ok hyung.. I want tomorrow to come faster..”




Net day ~~~

“yawn..” taemin get up.. he is really excited because minho’s going home..

“hyung..!!” taemin calling his hyung with a louder voice..

“mm?? whats this?” Taemin saw a letter on the dining table ..

‘ne taemin… we went to pick up minho .. I’d make breakfast for u taemin

PS:: I’ve been trying to wake u but u dont want to wake up so its ur own fault – Key’

“eoh?? Hyung…!!” taemin cute face instantly turned into a frown…




“we are home..” jonghyun shouted..

“where’s taemin?” ask minho..

“maybe in his room..” said onew…

“aigoo ~~ he didn’t it this food..” key shocked at the sight of food that was still intact on the dining table..

“like i expected he would get upset because we didnt ask he” said onew..

“that’s his own fault..” added jonghyun..

“I’ll go see taemin..” minho went into taemin room…

Knock~~ knock ~~~knock ~~~

“taemin are u here? Please open the door.. this is me minho..”

No replies ..

“ne taemin ah.. u don’t miss me?”


Cleck ~~


the door began to open … Taemin out with a bent face

“whats wrong taemin.?” Ask minho

“ehmm-mm..im okay.. welcome home hyung.. can I go sleep now.. im tired.. sorry I cant pick u up…”

“u’re sad just because it.. hmm come here..” minho hugging taemin..

Taemin still silent..

Then minho touched taemin chin and lifted up his face… their eyes met each other ..then minho kissed taemin lips soft.. “hnnm..”

Minho lifted taemins body, carried taemin into the room while still kissing… “aahhnnmm..” minho threw taemins body on the bed..

“u’re hard taemin?” minho grabs taemin cock where is hidden behind the pants..

“hnnn..aahh..hyung..” taemin gasp..

“tonight will be the best party ..” minho whispered while continued to squeeze taemin cock…

“hnnnmm..aahhnn.. nee.. welcome back hyung..hnn”




~~~~~~~~~~~~~the end ~~~~~~~~~~

dan mlm itu 2min mryakan pesta kepulangan minho dan pesta itu hnya di hdri mrka brdua.. xD kekekekke ~~~~~` pastinyalah ==’ pestanya kan di kamar tetem ==” slhkan byngkan private party 2min xD


heheheh ==” mianhe jelek 😛

ne.. please commnt 😉






8 responses to “[FF]// 2min// welcome back- nc 17 (eng)

    • Kekekeke≈ xD smua pzti kpengen ikut partynya 2min xD hahahaha. . Tpi hti² aj plg dri party psti bkln mabuk :p *bkn mabuk minuman tpi mabuk ngliat 2min nc-an xD hehehehe. . .

  1. OMona O,o,mrk mw party tp gak ngajak2 aq? Ckckck
    2min: Nugu?
    Me: I’m ur die hard fans*wink2/PLAKK
    ANnyeong thor,reader bru,call me Mrs.Kim^^just married with heechul oppa*di tendang ke kutub!

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