Current standings for the cast of SM Entertainment’s version of Hana Kimi announced [info yg bkin author nangis]


When news that SM Entertainment was set to film “Hana Kimi” started spreading, netizens started making up their own dream-cast lists. SM officials have now released part of the cast list on their official site.

The current list has SHINee’s Minho as the popular high-jump athlete, Izumi Sano. SNSD’s Yoona is set to be the female lead Mizuki Ashiya. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul will be acting as Shuichi Nakatsu who fell for Mizuki Ashiya, causing him to be confused of his own sexuality. Leeteuk will be playing the role of a flirtatious senior. The current list may still undergo changes.





T^T huaaa… nae tetem sni sma sya aj.. minho tega >< sya gk trma minho am sii yoona T^T #mewek di pojokan am tetem..

hiks.. sya brhrp ak di gntikan … >< hhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuu…

tpi ktanya pmrn utmanya udh ttp sii minho 😥 hiks…

aws aj klu ad adegn yg macem2 >< !!!!!!!!!!!


dan untuk pmran yg lainnya msi blm pasti .. ad bbrpa pmain yg kmngkinan akan di gnti tpi ini sbgian daftarnya…

sya brhrp minho di gnti aj dee T^T psti klu pmrn utmn ad adegan bgtuan am tu cew >< huhuhuhuhuhu

Shuichi Nakatsu (second male lead): Sungmin (Super Junior)
Nakatasu becomes Ashiya’s close friend at Osaka Gakuen (Academy) and begins to realize his feelings for her, not realizing she is actually female. He becomes conflicted with himself, thinking that he is a homosexual, and becomes jealous of Sano for being close with Ashiya.

Minami Nanba (head dorm of 2nd dormitory) – Changmin (TVXQ)
Nanba is the head dorm of the 2nd dormitory and a “ladies man” with multiple girlfriends at a time (when he’s not found out). The 2nd dormitory includes a mix of athletic and scholar students. The 1st dormitory mainly consists of athletes, while the 3rd mainly consists of artistic and intelligent students.

Hokuto Umeda (school doctor) – Heechul (Super Junior), Yunho (TVXQ)
The hot homosexual doctor at Osaka Gakuen. He is the first to know about Ashiya’s true gender and gives her advice and acts as her mentor throughout the series. Umeda is Nanba’s uncle.

The Korean adaptation of “Hana Kimi” is set to air this summer with a total of 16 episodes. Which SM artist do you think should play which role? Do you like the netizens suggestions above?




T^T slhkan di komen author mau tnangin tetem dlu T^T aws kauu minho ><



9 responses to “Current standings for the cast of SM Entertainment’s version of Hana Kimi announced [info yg bkin author nangis]

  1. UWAAAAAAA. . . . . ToT
    dari semalam eon GUNDA GULANA GELISAH RESAH tak Menentu. . . .
    HiyYaaaaat! ! ! ! >>!<<
    #huuftt! Uda lmanyan lega dkit.

  2. aish~
    komen eon bagian tengahny ilang. . . . ><

    lega karna uda bnuh soo man. . . :/

    tiap ingat drama hanakimi, , ,
    jadi kesel++ marah++
    gelisah++ pokokny, semacam itulah.

  3. Huh!
    Kessian nae tetem. . #elus2 kpla tetem. .

    Saeng, , ,
    next chapt my snow prince kpan? ?
    Ga sbar eon ngeliat menong tsksa. . . ><
    #dendam nyi pelet. **plakk! !

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